Martedì, 13 Novembre 2018

October 2018

The livestock has come back from the alpine pastures, factor influencing the decrease of damages by wolf/bear. Brown bears are busy with feeding for most of their time, because of the approaching winter during which the food is scarce. Besides fruits (especially grapes, corn and apples), bears feed much on hazel nuts, beechnuts and sorb. During the last week two of the collars wore by two bears (a male and a female) dropped off, as scheduled and were taken back, because of its very low batteries, due to the upcoming end of the monitoring period.

The wolves keep moving within their areas of presence. A female wolf was captured and fitted with a GPS collar from the personnel of the Province of Bolzano. The collared wolf belongs from the trans-boundary Non valley pack, with a territory between the provinces of Trento and Bolzano and between the Non valley and the Ultimo valley. Thus, the monitoring of this female wolf is performed in a coordinated manner, from both administrations.

Photo: P. Martinelli – Forests and Wildlife Department Archive. “Female bear with cubs feeding on hazelnut trees – Fall 2018”.


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