Martedì, 14 Agosto 2018

Captured and fitted with a GPS collar a young brown bear in Rendena Valley

Brown bear monitoring keeps going on within the provincial territory, to check the bolder individuals and those responsible or several damages to livestock or crops. The monitoring activities brought to the capture of a young (probably 2 years of age) female bear, during the night between last Saturday and Sunday, on the southern part of San valentino valley (Porte Rendena). The bear was fitted with a GPS collar, which will provide information about her movements, then she was safely released in the wild.

The capture was performed using a tube trap. Trapping and handling procedures were implemented by the specialized personnel of the Forest and Wildlife Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the support of the veterinarians from the Provincial Sanitary Service.

Fitting the bears with GPS collars is very useful to monitor them more intensively and to understand if and how much they are responsible of damages to human activities, in order to implement the proper aversive stimulation, which, in young individuals seems to be more effective.

Counting this young female, the bears monitored by GPS collars in Trentino are 5 and it is possible that some other bear will be fitted with a radiocollar in the near future.


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