Martedì, 13 Novembre 2018

August 2018

Within the activities of bear monitoring, aimed to the control of the more confident and problematic individuals and realized within the Life Dinalp Bear Project, 2 bears were captured and fitted with radiocollars: a female and a male, both young individuals captured in Breguzzo Valley. Currently the bears wearing a collar are 6 and they are, thus, monitored through telemetry, which allows to know their movements with details and to manage them in the best way. The female bear with 4 cubs is still moving in the area of southern Brenta, so as the female bear with 3 cubs. The presence of another female with cubs in the southern Sole valley, could be confirmed soon by the upcoming results of the genetic analyses. The updated map about the areas of presence of females with cubs is available here: orse con piccoli. During this period, brown bears start the hyperphagia phase, before the hibernation in winter and they come closer to crops and orchards, to feed on fruits, mostly grapes and corn.

During August the reproduction of some of the stable wolf packs of Trentino were confirmed (Lessinia, Asiago upland, Fassa valley and Non valley). Evidences on the species keep coming up from the areas of presence without particular news. Damages to livestock are higher during this period, because at the end of summer the pups start to eat meat and most of the livestock is still grazing on alpine pastures.

The lynx B132 is still present in Trentino and this evidence was documented by a photo taken from a hunter on August 28th, in the southern Chiese river area (Photo below).


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