Martedì, 13 Novembre 2018

September 2018

Female bears with cubs (included the one with 4 cubs) continue to be spotted on the Brenta massif and in the adjacent areas, without significant movements from the area. During the night between September 25th and 26th, near Pelugo, Rendena valley, one of the collared bears (M49) was hit by a car. The bear, after the collision, ran away towards the mountain. No consequences for the driver.

The wolves keep moving within their stable territories and the reproduction of some of the packs was confirmed.

The lynx (very probably the individual identified as B132) was seen on September 27th, in Daone valley.

Photo: picture of a bear from camera trap. Franco Cadonna – Forests and Wildlife Department Archive.


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Martedì, 13 Novembre 2018

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