Lunedì, 06 Agosto 2018

May 2018

Bears kept moving during May, this is the middle of the mating season, so the females with cubs recently started moving more frequently and farther. May brought several bear sightings, even with video documentation. Areas with the higher number of evidences are: Giudicarie, the southern part of Brenta mountains, the Paganella muntain, the Valle dei Laghi and Mount Bondone. Up to now, 4 females with cubs have been detected in the southern area of Brenta, between Molveno and the valleys of Ambiez and Algone. The updated map with all the evidences of female bears with cubs is available online to this link:

Wolves kept moving within their territories (Valle di Fassa, upper Val di Non, right part of the Brenta river, Mount Pasubio, Mount Carega and Lessinia; in addition, new evidences came from the Lagorai chain - left Valsugana: Torcegno and Ronchi), where some predation events upon livestock and wild ungulates occurred.  

In parallel, the provincial administration, considering the beginning of the alpine pasture season, is taking care of the many requests of prevention measures (electric fences for the night and livestock guarding dogs) and started a specific pilot project for the prevention of wolf damages upon livestock. 


PHOTO: C. Frapporti, Forests and Wildlife Department Archive.


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