Martedì, 08 Maggio 2018

February and March 2018

Some bears started moving in the territory after the hibernation. This, from evidences of bear tracks in the snow found in Mount Baldo, Giudicarie, Sole Valley and Non Valley and from claims of the first few damages to apiaries and, in two cases, to sheep.

During the last two months it was possible to record a lot of data about wolf movements as well, thanks also to the prolonged presence of the snow on the ground. The Trentino wolf population showed a considerable activity during this winter, data were collected by the Forest and Wildlife Service of the Province of Trento from camera trap monitoring, from some direct sightings and from evidences of wolf predations on wild ungulates (especially in Fassa Valley, Paneveggio area, Folgaria – Pasubio areas, Ronchi di Ala Valley and upper Non Valley).

During March 2018, some evidences came from the lynx B132 as well. He was detected by a camera trap of a local hunter in the woods over Brione (Giudicarie) on 9th March and, again, by a camera trap of the Ledro Forest Station on 14th March in Lorina Vally area.