Large Carnivores Report

Starting from 2007, The APT Forestry and Wildlife Department has drawn up a document on yearly basis, from 2017 named ‘Large Carnivores Report’ (before 2017 it was named "Bear Report"), concerning the situation of the brown bear, wolf and lynx populations in Trentino and the related management issues.
The main targets are two: on one hand the document aims at providing with correct, updated and detailed information about the status of the large carnivores populations present in Trentino and in the nearby regions, on the other hand, it aims at recording and making available a systematic collection of data, as complete as possible, to be periodically used by specialists and insiders.
Information from the present report might be freely used quoting the source: “Large Carnivores Report (year) " – Servizio Foreste e Fauna – Provincia Autonoma di Trento” or, for the reports published before 2017: "Bear Report (year) - Servizio Foreste e Fauna – Provincia Autonoma di Trento".